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Laser Tattoo Removal

Boston, Massachusetts Tattoo Removal

At Finesse Laser Center, we use the gold standard Candela AlexTriVantage Q-switched laser to remove tattoos from most any area of the body and on all skin types. The AlexTriVantage laser incorporates three laser wavelengths (755nm, 1064nm, 532nm) to allow us to treat all colors including blue and green tattoos. The tattoo pigment absorbs the laser energy, fragmenting the dye. The body's immune system then removes the shattered pigment over the next several weeks, leading to visible lightening of the tattoo.

Before & After Photos - Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQ

How does laser tattoo removal work?
The Candela AlexTriVantage features three wavelengths (755, 1064 and 532 nm). The 755nm wavelength effectively targets green, blue, and black ink. The 1064nm wavelength is ideal for treating darker tattoo inks on darker shinned patients. The 532 wavelength is better suited for brighter colored inks including red and dark orange.

What happens after the treatment?
Immediately after laser exposure, the treated area turns white & swells slightly. The whiteness usually fades in 30-60 minutes. Over the next several days, blisters may form and then a scab or thin crust may follow. Often the scab is the same color as the tattoo, because the superficial tattoo ink has been eliminated into this crust. The skin usually returns to normal in about 7 to 14 days.

How many treatments are needed?
Depending on the size and the colors of the area to be treated, it will take anywhere from 8 - 12 treatments in most cases. More extensive tattoos may take more treatments. Expect to come in every six to eight weeks for your treatments.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?
With our new technology, many of our clients tell us it simply feels like a rubber band snapping on one's skin. We routinely apply a topical anesthetic 15 minutes prior to treatment for your ultimate comfort and use a Zimmer cold air cooler during the treatment. Healing for each treatment takes approximately two weeks. There is much less discomfort involved than with older methods of tattoo removal, such as dermabrasion, where the skin is sanded; cryosurgery, which freezes skin prior to surgery; or surgical excision.

Are there any side effects?
Side effects are generally minimal, but may include hypopigmentation (a lack of skin color), hyperpigmentation (too much color in the skin), minor blistering or soreness for a few weeks, an infection of the tattoo site, or failure to completely remove the tattoo. There is also a small chance that permanent scarring will occur at the tattoo site.

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Finesse Laser & Lipo Center is a premier medical center in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area for cosmetic procedures of all kinds. If you need to have a tattoo removed, our laser technologies or state-of-the-art and will provide the best possible results with the least chance of major side-effects. Contact our Boston cosmetic surgeon at your earliest convenience to schedule your free initial consultation. Contact us now at (781) 899-SKIN or fill out our online request form to get started.

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